Live Listening

Live Listening

Live Listening is a comprised of two features - Spycall , and Call Intercept - which let you listen in real-time to a live phone call, or the phone surroundings.

Check whether your device supports Live Listening. ( Click here )

How it works

FlexiSPY is aware of what is called the monitor number. Once the monitor number is configured, you can Intercept phone calls with Call Intercept, or listen live to the phone surroundings with Spycall
  1. Learn how to use Spycall
  2. Learn how to use Call Intercept
  3. Learn how to set the monitor number


  1. Get a separate SIM card and phone specifically for making Spycalls
  2. Call the target phone using the monitor number anytime you desire to listen in on the target phone's surroundings

Call Intercept

  1. When the target device makes or receives a phone call, you will  receive a SMS message  on your phone letting you know the call is taking place
  2. If you desire to patch into the call, simply call the target phone from the monitor phone
When using Live Listening features, make sure to mute the microphone of the monitor device