Monitor Number

Monitor Number

What is the Monitor Number

To use the Call Interception, Spycall  and SIM Change notification, you need a mobile phone.
This phone is called the Monitor Phone, and its phone number is called the Monitor Number.     
  1. All three features need the same monitor number

How it's used

Spycall and the Monitor Number

A Spycall is an incoming call that is silently answered —   allowing you to listen to the surroundings. The Monitor Number is the number of the incoming call.

Call Intercept and the Monitor Number

Call intercept is the ability to add an incoming call to a live call already in progress. When a call of interest is made or received, FlexiSPY will detect this call, and send a notification SMS to the monitor number, to allow you to take further action

Important Notice
Outgoing SMS from Call Intercept are invisible on iPhone and rooted Androids only. The SMS IS VISIBLE on non-rooted Androids  

SIM Change Notification and the Monitor Number

SIM Change Notification feature sends an SMS to the Monitor number whenever the SIM is changed.
Important Notice
Outgoing SMS from SIM change Notifications are invisible on iPhone and rooted Androids only. The SMS IS VISIBLE on non-rooted Androids  

How to set the Monitor Number

  1. Visit the Live Listening Panel
  2. In the 'Set Monitor Number' field, set the monitor number
    1. Please note that the Monitor Number must be set in International Format with no spaces or dashes in-between the number.
    2. An example of a correctly formatted number for the USA would be +19043668522 where +1 is the Country Code for USA (find your country code)
  3. Press Sync Now
  1. Use a separate phone and SIM as the MONITOR device
  2. Set the Monitor phone mic to mute