SpyCall lets you secretly open up the phones microphone and listen to the phones surroundings.

How it Works

FlexiSPY is aware of the phone numbers of all incoming phone calls — If any incoming phone number matches the number you have set in the Monitor Number settings, FlexiSPY secretly opens the phone's microphone letting you listen to the phones surroundings

Why you need it

  1. See here

Compatibility note

  1. Spycall on Android 7-14 currently only works on non-rooted Samsung devices only

How to set up Spycall

  1. Under the Live Listening Panel, click Enable Live Listen
  2. Change the Toggle to ON
    1. If you are prompted to set the Monitor Number
      1. Follow the prompt to Set the Monitor Number
      2. Return to the Live Listen Page, change the toggle to ON, and save your changes
    2. If you are not prompted to set the Monitor Number, save your changes

How to use Spycall

Whenever you wish to listen live to the target phones surroundings, simply call the target device using the monitor number you set. This will open the target phones microphone and you'll be able to hear everything in the surroundings.
During Spycall, remember to mute the microphone of the monitor device
  1. Get a separate sim card and phone specifically for making Spycalls
  2. Call the target phone using the monitor number anytime you desire to listen in on the target phone's surroundings
If you choose to use your primary phone to make SpyCalls you'll have disable SpyCall
anytime you wish to make a normal phone call to the target phone