Call Recordings

Call Recording Page

This is where you can see all Call Recordings that have been made to or from the Target Device. Learn more about Call Recording  here

There are five main areas as follows: 
  1. View Selector
  2. Call Selector
  3. Flags
  4. Call Recording Tools
  5. Download

View Selector 

View all Call Recordings or only ones you've marked previously.  

Call Selector 

View Recordings based on direction.


Delete the record or mark as important.

Call Recording Tools

Setup or change how call recording works.

Here you will find up to three settings
  1. To enable or disable the entire call recording feature
  2. Set the Call Recording watchlist ( learn more )
  3. Set Audio Source (Android only) ( Learn how )


Download the Call Recording to listen to later. For best quality, VLC Media Player is recommended.