Call Recording Watch List

Call Recording Watch List

The Call Recording watch list lets you specify which phone calls FlexiSPY should record. The watch list looks like this.

How It Works

  1. Open the watchlist by clicking the Tools icon on the upper-right side of the Call Recording page
The Watchlist allows you to specify a combination of 4 options to decide which calls should be recorded. The default is to record all calls

After selecting your desired configuration and saving your changes, FlexiSPY will remember your preferences and will only record a phone call that matches your criteria.

Which Options Are Right for Me?
  1. Record unknown numbers? — Select this to record calls which are withheld (for example *69)
  2. Record numbers in address book? — Select to record calls in the target phone's address book
  3. Record number not in address book? — Select to record calls not in the target phone's address book
  4. Record in watchlist — Use this to record calls from certain telephone numbers only
    Example of watchlist set. Note the use of the required International telephone format
  1. If you're worried about conversations your child or employee is having with specific individuals, rather than everyone, then you may find the Record in watchlist option most useful. 
  2. If you're more concerned about why a stranger is calling your child, you may opt to only select the 'Record Number not in address book' and 'Record unknown numbers' options
Use FlexiSPYs Address Book Feature to identify the telephone numbers of those you wish to add to the watchlist