Welcome to Your FlexiSPY Express Account

Welcome to Your FlexiSPY Express Account

This article is for customers who ordered an Express device from FlexiSPY Express.

Congrats on receiving your new pre-installed FlexiSPY device! We’ve put together this brief intro to help you get started!

1. First Things First!
Turn on your phone (after installing a SIM card for your network if necessary). Make sure it connects to your chosen network and the phone itself works as expected. Also, ensure you have working Internet access! Logs may be captured but without Wi-Fi or network Internet access they cannot be uploaded to your account. 

2. Login To Your FlexiSPY Account
Login at https://portal.flexispy.com using the UserID and password received in your welcome email after purchasing your FlexiSPY software license.

3. Change Your Password
Everyone knows about password security, right? Don’t make it too simple, but don’t forget it! You may also set up 2FA for additional security. You can change your password from the Account menu at the top of the left sidebar.

4. See Your Data Logs
Now that you’re all secure, see some of the logs your device has already started uploading to your account.

On the menu panel to the left, click on the Data menu to expand it.
Under here is where you’ll find all or most of your captured logs. To see some initial logs captured during installation and testing, you can check out these submenu items under the Data menu:

- Installed Apps
- Contacts
- RemCam
- Ambient (recordings of the phone surroundings)
- Locations (an initial GPS location is captured at the installation facility)

5. Configure FlexiSPY Extreme Features
To set up specific features, check out our short “Setup Guide For Extreme Mobile” tutorial here .

*Note that Call Intercept features only work on GSM networks (such as ATT or T-Mobile), but not on CDMA networks (such as Sprint or Verizon).


That’s all you need to get started!

For more feature help, every feature page in your dashboard has a link to a help article. You can find this from the information icon link, an I within a blue circle usually in the top area of the page.

Need even more help?

You can enter your own questions at https://support.flexispy.com/.

For all software help or questions about the features, contact support@flexispy.com.

For strictly hardware problems with the phone itself or issues regarding shipping, contact our vendor partner Technical Solutions, Ltd at support@flexistore.shop.