SIM Change Notification

SIM Change Notification

FlexiSPY can detect if the SIM card in the phone has been changed.

FlexiSPY will notify you of this event as follows
  1. If you have an iPhone or Rooted Android you will receive an SMS on the Monitor Phone
  2. If you have an Unrooted Android you will not receive an SMS notification
  3. In all cases you will receive a message in the Portal as shown below

This notification is important because in order to use Spycall , you need to know the target device's phone number, which is now the number of the new SIM card.

This could be useful if your child or employee is trying to circumvent regulations by swapping out the SIM card.

It may not always be possible to directly get the new SIM card's number. This is a limitation of the carrier and not FlexiSPY