Enabling Spycall on Non-Rooted Samsung Phones

Enabling Spycall on Non-Rooted Samsung Phones

To use Spycall on a non-rooted Samsung you need to download and install a separate application after you have completed the main installation of the FlexiSPY app.
Spycall for non-root will not work on any other phone except Samsung running Android 9-12

Installation steps

1. Download the Spycall application (Phone App)

Open up your phone internet browser and navigate to the website 
At the Private Software Repository screen, add a check in the box for “ I am a customer and I have a license code ”, then tap View all software .

Tap on the Phone app icon to start the download.  

Once the download has completed tap the file to begin installation.

2. Grant permissions to Phone app

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > and type Phone
  2. Tap the first Phone app that appears on the list  (the dark green one)
  3. Go to Permissions -> Allow all 4 permissions

3. Change default phone app settings

  1. Go to Settings > and type default apps
  2. Tap Default apps
  3. Tap Phone app
  4. Tap Phone app (the dark green one)
  5. Select 'dont ask again' if you see it as an option 
  6. Confirm the change

4. Hide Phone app icon

  1. Go to Home screen settings and with your finger do a long press 
  2. Tap Home screen settings
  3. Scroll down and Tap Hide apps
  4. Type phone
  5. Tap the first Phone app (the dark green one)
  6. Tap Done

5. (If Device is Running Android 12) — Confirm default phone app

  1. Go to Home screen
  2. Tap Phone app
  3. Popup will appear
  4. Select the second Phone app (dark green icon)
  5. Select Don't ask again
  6. Tap Set as default

6. Disable the beep sound made when Spy call ends

  1. Go to Home screen and open the native Phone app
  2. Tap on the 3 dots > Settings > Call alerts and ringtones -> and switch OFF  Play tone when call ends

7. Proceed to enable Spycall from your portal.

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