Spoof SMS

Spoof SMS

Caution: On Android Targets this feature requires the phone to be both Rooted AND in C Running Mode to hide the outgoing SMS. If your Android Target is not rooted and in C running mode, the outgoing Spoof SMS will appear visible in the Target phone SMS outbox. These outgoing SMS are only hidden when an Android Target phone is both Rooted AND in C Running Mode.

Verify your Target is rooted and in C running mode by:

  1. Click the ACCOUNT menu of your dashboard
  2. Click on the active target device
  3. Look for the Root and Running Mode status fields.

If an Android Target is not both rooted and running in C mode, then we recommend not to use this function to avoid the Spoof SMS being visible on the Target phone.


This is an SMS text message you can remotely send to any 3rd party number, directly from the Target phone itself. It will be delivered the same as any SMS sent directly from the Target phone.

Enter the Number to send SMS to in standard international format. This is plus (+) sign followed by country code and full phone number. Example for a US number: +17135551212.

Enter the SMS text message you want to send outgoing from the Target phone, and click "Send Spoof SMS Now".

SMS credit will be used from the Target service plan as normal.