How To Jailbreak iPhone Models X and Below Using a PC (Easiest Method)

How To Jailbreak iPhone Models X and Below Using a PC (Easiest Method)

We will be using a tool to create a bootable partition on your PC. This partition contains all the jailbreaking software which we will then run to Jailbreak the phone.
What is Jailbreaking?  Learn more
  1. This guide applies to the following models
    1. iPhones (X, 8+, 8, 7+, 7, SE, 6S+, 6S, 6+, 6, 5S)
    2. iPads  (i Pad Pro 10.5" (2017 Edition), iPad Pro 12.9" (2nd Gen – 2017), iPad (2019, 7th Gen) iPad (2018, 6th Gen),  iPad (5th gen), iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro (1st Gen)
  2. Don't have a PC? You can Jailbreak newer iPhones using a Mac too!  Learn how
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You will Need
  1. A Windows PC
  2. A cable to connect your iPhone to your PC

1. Download the Partition Configuration Tool

  1. Download the partition configuration tool (UNetbootin) here

2. Download the Jailbreaking Software

  1. Download the Jailbreaking software here.  

3. Installing The Jailbreak Software

  1. Open the Partition Configuration Tool (UNetbootin) downloaded in Step 1
  2. Under Type make sure that Hard Disk is selected

  3. We now need to tell UNetbootin where the Jailbreaking Software is located.
    1. On the opposite side of Diskimage, click the button with three dots '. . .'
    2. Click through File Explorer until you find Jailbreak-Tool.iso (this is the file you downloaded in Step 2) then select Open -> Ok
    3. The tool will run for several minutes, you will then see a message that the Installation is complete. Click Close

4. Running the Tool

  1. Restart your computer
  2. After a minute or two, you be shown a screen asking you to select your operating system. From the options available, select UNetbootin then press Enter
  3. The computer will the reboot. During the reboot you will be prompted to Press 'ESC' to enter the menu. Press esc as instructed
  4. On the Next screen you will see two Options, UNetbootin and loadconfig. Ensure that UNetbootin is highlighted then press Enter
  5. The boot is now in progress and could take up to 5 minutes to complete
  6. Once booted, you will be met with the Checkra1n screen. From here, simply plug your iPhone to your computer, Highlight Start -> Press Enter, then follow the on screen instructions to jailbreak the device

If you receive a warning that the iPhone version is not compatible, go to  Options  in the Menu -> and select ‘ Allow untested iOS versions’ -> Return to Menu and select ‘Start’ to run the jailbreak

7. You can confirm that the jailbreak is complete by opening the iPhone and looking for the Cydia and Checkra1n icon.

5. Removing the Tool

Everytime you restart your computer, you will be asked whether you wish to boot into the Jailbreak tool, or Windows. If you no longer wish to receive this prompt, simply follow these steps
  1. Restart the computer. Select Windows when asked which Operating system you'd like to boot into
  2. Once logged into Windows, locate UNetbootin, which you downloaded in Step 1.
  3. Double click to open the tool
  4. You will see a notification saying that UNetbootin is already installed, and will be asked if you want to Removing the existing version. Select OK
  5. UNetbootin is now removed from your machine. Click OK
  6. Next time you restart your machine, it will boot into Windows normally