How to download FlexiVIEW?

How to Download FlexiVIEW?

FlexiVIEW is a mobile application that you download onto your iOS or Android smartphone, and you can use it to view the data inside your FlexiSPY portal directly from that device.

How can I download FlexiVIEW?

  1. If you have an iPhone
    1. Download FlexiVIEW from the app store here
  2. If you have an Android
    1. use your web browser to go toChoose your Portal Viewer-> Android

What features do I get with FlexiVIEW?

FlexiVIEW has several important features that make using it more convenient than logging in to your online portal from your computer.

These include:
  1. View data from your phone without logging onto the website
  2. Group data by category and arrange based on importance
  3. Choose to monitor only the data that is relevant to you 
  4. See which categories have been active since your last login with a handy batch number
  5. View the most recent one hundred events on the timeline
  6. Manage all your account(s) from within the app
  7. Enable or disable calling conveniently from the menu
  8. Access your web portal with our user-friendly menu
  9. Two-factor authentication provides extra security for your data
  10. To learn more about what FlexiVIEW can do, see our website here