The dashboard is where you land when you first login.

There are six main areas of this dashboard as follows 
  1. Device Selector
  2. Device information 
  3. Product information 
  4. Account Utilities 
  5. Latest information 
  6. Menu

Device Selector

If you have multiple devices, use this area to select the device whos data you wish to see

Please note devices can be given friendly names by going to the account page

Device Information 

Key information about the device you have selected including battery level, and an optional Sync button

Product Information 

Information about the version of the FlexiSPY software you have installed on the FlexiSPY device. This area is also used to notify you if any updates if they are available

Account Utilities 

You can purchase additional products, manage details of your account, and most importantly, contact support

Latest Information 

A selection of the latest events which the selected device has captured
A menu to access detailed information on specific events and access special features