Call Recording Limitations

Call Recording Limitations

Call Recording is a complex technology that relies entirely on the capabilities of the hardware of the device as well as the programming of its firmware. 

As there are over 24,000 different devices - at all kinds of price points - you will find that not all devices support Call Recording and the ones that do, may have compromises such as only allowing one side of the call to be recorded, or the quality of the recording to be poor.

This issue, combined with that fact that our customers want the feature to work absolutely discretely, means that the customer may need to accept this compromise, or chose to have a refund for the software.

Another solution is to purchase a FlexiSPY EXPRESS phone, which is certified to work with our features, and these are available at very reasonable costs.

We find that most customers would rather have some information than none at all, but if you are not happy with the quality of the Call Recording, please contact us within 14 days and we can offer a full or partial refund.