Alerts Page

Here you can conveniently view and set up all FlexiSPY's Dashboard Alerts in one place. Learn more about Alerts here .
Alert types vary depending on whether you are monitoring a phone or a computer.

Alerts for Phones

There are three main areas as follows: 
  1. Set Caller ID Alerts 
  2. Set Keywords Alerts
  3. Set Location Alerts 

Caller ID Alerts 

This allows you to be notified when a specific number interacts with the target device.

Give the Alert a unique name, choose the Type and Direction (can select all), then enter the phone number you want to watch out for.

Keyword Alerts

This allows you to be notified when a specific keyword or phrase appears on the target device. 

Give the Alert a unique name. Enter one or more keywords or phrases, separated by commas.

Location Alerts

Set-up geofencing alerts for when the Target enters or leaves a specific radius from 50m to 10km. 

Alerts for Computers

There are two main areas as follows
  1. Set Keyword Alerts
  2. Set File activity alerts

Keyword Alerts (Desktop)

Get alerts me when the Target Computer has a message containing a phrase you define in various Events that occur on the Computer. 

File Activity Alerts (Desktop)

Track all File Activity including transfers hat occur and receive  notifications when a file is created, deleted, renamed or transferred. 

Importantly, you'll a
lways know when sensitive files are accessed, moved, or deleted.