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 Announcing FlexiSPY's 2021 Holiday Schedule

FlexiSPY Support, LiveChat, and Installation Services will be unavailable on certain days throughout the holidays. To see the schedule, click here.
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    • Monitor Number

      What is the Monitor Number To use the  Call Interception ,  Spycall  and SIM Change notification, you need a mobile phone. This phone is called the Monitor Phone, and its phone number is called the  Monitor Number .   All three features need the same ...
    • What EXTREME Features Will I Get If My Device Is Android?

      Non-Root Features If you purchase FlexiSPY EXTREME and your device has not been rooted you will get the following features Feature Phone Call recording Spycall Environment recording Facebook Call Recording Hangout Call Recording LINE Call Recording ...
    • Are deleted SMS, pictures, texts, and other items captured?

      All data created after FlexiSPY is installed will be captured even if it's deleted In addition, some of the data that already exists at the time FlexiSPY is installed is also captured. The exact amount depends on drive space and other factors
    • Call Recording Page

      This is where you can see all Call Recordings that have been made to or from the Target Device. Learn more about Call Recording  here .  There are five main areas as follows:  View Selector Call Selector Flags Call Recording Tools Download View ...
    • Spoof SMS

      Caution: On Android Targets this feature requires the phone to be both Rooted AND in C Running Mode to hide the outgoing SMS. If your Android Target is not rooted and in C running mode, the outgoing Spoof SMS will appear visible in the Target phone ...