Supported IM chat clients (mobile versions)
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Our list of supported Instant Messaging chat clients is ever growing, and may vary from platform to platform.

For a list of all currently supported features on each platform, please see here.

Instant Messenger mobile app Compatibility

We do our best to stay current with all the latest IM versions. This is not easy when supporting more chat clients than any other monitoring software! IMs like WhatsApp, FaceBook, Skype... these and others all update on a regular basis. To stay on top of this, we are constantly updating FlexiSPY itself, so you can keep monitoring the conversations important to you.

However, our developers need time to test and update FlexiSPY for each new IM version that gets released. We update FlexiSPY as quickly as possible, but due to the frequency of IM app updates completely outside our control, there may at times be some discrepancy between the the latest FlexiSPY update and the latest version of any given IM chat client.

The chart below is kept updated for all currently supported IM versions on each mobile platform.


IM *iOS *Android
*Android Rooted
(limited or full mode)
Blackberry Notes
WhatsApp (+ VOIP Call Log & VOIP Call Record) 2.18.10 N/A 2.18.9 N/A *VOIP Call Log available on Android only
BBM 300.0.22.196 N/A N/A  
Facebook Messenger (+ VOIP Call Log & VOIP Call Record) 142.0 N/A N/A *VOIP Call Record available on Android only
Viber (+ VOIP Call Log & VOIP Call Record) 7.8 N/A 8.2.1 N/A
Hangouts (+ VOIP Call Record) 19.0.16 N/A 24.0.182154523 N/A *VOIP Call Record available on Android only
Yahoo Messenger Iris 2.10 N/A 2.6.0 N/A  
Telegram Messenger N/A N/A 4.4.1 N/A  
Line (+ VOIP Call Log & VOIP Call Record) 7.17.1 N/A 8.1.1 N/A
Skype (+ VOIP Call Log & VOIP Call Record) 8.12.2 N/A N/A
WeChat (+ VOIP Call Log) 6.5.8 N/A 6.5.8 N/A *VOIP Call Log available on iPhone only
Kik Messenger N/A N/A N/A  
Tinder 8.4.1  N/A 7.4.0 N/A  
Instagram Direct Messages 22.0  N/A N/A  
iMessage See Note* N/A N/A N/A *Latest supported iOS version
QQ Messenger N/A N/A 6.6.7 N/A
Hike Messenger N/A N/A 5.4.15

*Android devices must be rooted with either full or limited root permissions to capture any IM data.
*All iOS devices require jailbreaking to install FlexiSPY.

An update notice appears in your FlexiSPY account dashboard when FlexiSPY updates are available.

Chart last updated 14-FEB-2018

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