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Is FlexiSPY hidden once installed?

FlexiSPY gives users the choice of whether or not they wish to display the application icon according to their needs by allowing them to choose to run the software in the foreground or not to be visible.

This article will discuss the following topics:

  • Why you should hide the software
  • How to hide the software
  • Help on rooting and jailbreaking

Hiding the software, once installed on the TARGET device, is easy and just takes a few taps.  The software can be fully hidden on both iOS and Android devices.

Here you can see that the user is given an option to display FlexiSPY on an iOS device.

Why you should hide the software

  • For example a parent may wish to hide the icon on their child’s phone to stop the child from getting around family rules by using a new phone or formatting the phone and removing the software.
  • An employer may wish to hide the icon to preserve screen real estate.
  • And our law enforcement customers would choose to hide the icon to help catch a suspect.

Whatever the reason for hiding the icon, this option for visibility is a feature that FlexiSPY has always had.

In this example of FlexiSPY on an Android phone, visibility options are clearly available.

How to hide the software

For iPhone

For iPhones, you may also hide the Cydia icon which is normally visible after jailbreaking.

For Android

For Androids, the application can also be hidden from the Android Applications Manager if the phone is rooted and granted SuperUser permissions prior to installation. The SU icon may also be hidden, which is normally visible after rooting.

In this example, you can see the Android Application Manager, but FlexiSPY is not listed.

Help on rooting and jailbreaking

In order to install FlexiSPY on to an iOS device and be able to hide the software the device must be jailbroken first.  Similarly, for an Android device, the TARGET device must be rooted first before installing the software in order to fully hide the software.

  • For more information about jailbreaking see here.
  • For more information about rooting see here.

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